Practise & Coaching Equipment

Practise & Coaching Equipment

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Paceman Pro S2 -11%

Paceman Pro S2

Watch it now: Variable speed up to 100 kph. Fully adjustable..

£899.00 £799.00

Paceman Strike -21%

Paceman Strike

Watch it in action: Variable speeds up to 100kph. Fully adjus..

£699.00 £550.00

FS5 Batting Net -16%

FS5 Batting Net

Heavy duty removable wheels for easy placement and/or storage. Galvanised frame & UV treate..

£479.00 £400.00

Paceman Original S2 -18% In Stock

Paceman Original S2

Watch it in action now: Affordable machine for clubs, sch..

£329.00 £270.00

GS5 Home Ground cricket net -16%

GS5 Home Ground cricket net

Secure, safe and affordable. UV treated mesh. 5m deep x 3m wide & 3m high. Ideal for th..

£299.00 £250.00

Gray-Nicolls fielding/catching mitt -13%

Gray-Nicolls fielding/catching mitt

As used by International coaches around the world. Soft leather. LH only at present. ..

£79.95 £69.95

Catch reflex trainers

Heavy duty knotted nylon rebound net. Ideal for the garden or club practise. Ground pegs..


Paceman Reg -18%

Paceman Reg

For use with Paceman Strike & Pro bowling machines. Simulates impact and movement of real c..

£55.00 £45.00

Gray-Nicolls Cloud Catcher Light

Made for coaching and fielding drills. HD foam face. New lightweight construction - easy..


Paceman Light -16%

Paceman Light

For use with Paceman Original and all Paceman bowling machines. Pack of 12. ..

£35.90 £29.99

Sidearm Pro ball thrower

Used by just about every professional coach around the world. Ideal for batting, fielding ..


Coaching bat

If you can middle the ball with this, you can middle anything. Great for practise. 6, harrow ..


GM bowling machine balls

Hardwearing moulded PVC. Fits most bowling machines. Red or yellow (box of 6). ..


Target stump

Steel spring and spike. Ideal for bowling, fielding and throwing practise. Brands may vary - ..


Ball duffle bag

Holds up to 24 cricket balls. ..


Batting tees

£4.95 each or 5 for £20. ..


Catch Reactor

Great coaching/practise aid. Ideal for the garden too. On your own or in a group.  ..