Practise & Coaching Equipment

Practise & Coaching Equipment

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Bola Professional Bowling Machine

New brushless motors for greater power efficiency and reliability. Digital speed control - 15mp..


Paceman Pro S2 -11%

Paceman Pro S2

Watch it now: Variable speed up to 100 kph. Fully adjustable..

£899.00 £799.00

Paceman Strike -21%

Paceman Strike

Watch it in action: Variable speeds up to 100kph. Fully adjus..

£699.00 £550.00

FS5 Batting Net -16%

FS5 Batting Net

Heavy duty removable wheels for easy placement and/or storage. Galvanised frame & UV treate..

£479.00 £400.00

Paceman Original S2 -18% In Stock

Paceman Original S2

Watch it in action now: Affordable machine for clubs, sch..

£329.00 £270.00

GS5 Home Ground cricket net -16%

GS5 Home Ground cricket net

Secure, safe and affordable. UV treated mesh. 5m deep x 3m wide & 3m high. Ideal for th..

£299.00 £250.00

Gray-Nicolls fielding/catching mitt -13%

Gray-Nicolls fielding/catching mitt

As used by International coaches around the world. Soft leather. LH only at present. ..

£79.95 £69.95

Catch reflex trainers

Heavy duty knotted nylon rebound net. Ideal for the garden or club practise. Ground pegs..


Paceman Reg -18%

Paceman Reg

For use with Paceman Strike & Pro bowling machines. Simulates impact and movement of real c..

£55.00 £45.00

Gray-Nicolls Cloud Catcher Light

Made for coaching and fielding drills. HD foam face. New lightweight construction - easy..


Paceman Light -16%

Paceman Light

For use with Paceman Original and all Paceman bowling machines. Pack of 12. ..

£35.90 £29.99

Coaching bat

If you can middle the ball with this, you can middle anything. Great for practise. 6, harrow ..


Hunts County catching mitt -10%

Hunts County catching mitt

All leather. Left or right hand. One size. ..

£30.00 £27.00

Sidearm Pro ball thrower -7%

Sidearm Pro ball thrower

Used by just about every professional coach around the world. Ideal for batting, fielding ..

£28.99 £26.99

Target stump

Steel spring and spike. Ideal for bowling, fielding and throwing practise. Brands may vary - ..


GM bowling machine balls

Hardwearing moulded PVC. Fits most bowling machines. Red or yellow. £20 for box of 6. £17..


Ball duffle bag

Holds up to 24 cricket balls. ..


Batting tees

£4.95 each or 5 for £20. ..


Catch Reactor

Great coaching/practise aid. Ideal for the garden too. On your own or in a group.  ..