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Boots & studs

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Adidas Kakari 3.0 -8%

Adidas Kakari 3.0

Light and strong synthetic BRAVO upper. Die cut EVA comfort sickliner. Can be used with miCoa..

£65.00 £59.95

Adidas Kakari New

Adidas Kakari

Light and strong synthetic BRAVO upper.Die cut EVA comfort sickliner.Can be used with miCoach® perfo..


Gilbert Sidestep V1 New

Gilbert Sidestep V1

Synthetic upper for comfort fit.Rigid TPU board with forefoot flex.8 aluminium safety studs - 15mm f..


Gilbert aluminium safety studs

Switch from football studs to rugby - no problem. Pack of 16. 12 x 15mm & 4 x 18mm. ..