Our retail store is closed until further notice as we cannot comply with the latest health recommendations.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we are happy to announce that we are now accepting online orders for delivery.
For any repairs or equipment please email and we should be able to help.
We look forward to seeing you soon.



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Supernova Infrared 1000 - Large Adult only -30%

Supernova Infrared 1000 - Large Adult only

Ultra lightweight PU.Octopus rubber with leather backing.Square leather cuff with HD foam padding.Ul..

£79.99 £56.00

Prestige W/K Glove -30%

Prestige W/K Glove

Lightweight PVC.All white octopus rubber face.Traditional square cuff with T-Shaped webbing.Long PU ..

£75.00 £52.50

Shockwave 2000 W/K Pads -30%

Shockwave 2000 W/K Pads

Ultra lightweight HD foam pad.Lightweight PU cover.X-Lite HDF bolsters.Ergonomic top hat  desig..

£59.99 £42.00

Supernova 1000 -30%

Supernova 1000

Lightweight HD foam fronts with PU covers.Internal HD foam EVA bolsters with mesh covers.Ergonomic t..

£49.95 £35.00

Shockwave 300 -30%

Shockwave 300

Lightweight PVC backing.Pimple grip palm.Square cuff with HD foam padding.T webbing...

£49.99 £35.00

Kronus 800 - Youth W/K Pad -30%

Kronus 800 - Youth W/K Pad

Ultra light high arch design for greater ankle protection.High grade PU.Cane, HDF & EVA protecti..

£49.99 £35.00

Shockwave 300 -30%

Shockwave 300

Lightweight PU cover.Cane protection.HD foam bolsters.High arch.2" comfort straps...

£39.99 £28.00

Cloud Catcher Light -30%

Cloud Catcher Light

Let the bat take the strain. Ideal for all coaching - catching and fielding. ..

£39.99 £28.00

Powerbow 6 300 -30%

Powerbow 6 300

Ideal club pad.Lightweight with high arch design for increased ankle protection.Foam, cane & Cas..

£35.00 £24.50

Chamois/Cotton W/K Inners -20%

Chamois/Cotton W/K Inners

Soft comfort fit with elasticated wristband...

£14.99 £11.99